Green's Lunch Hot Dog Cart Back Out Serving Uptown

4 Aug 2012

We're so excited to have out Hot Dog Cart back out at the Plaza. So if you need a quick snack because you're Supervisor really doesnt want you to take an lunch.(gotta love Corporate America) then come see us. Our Cart is located on on Wells Fargo Plaza Mon-Fri 11am - 2pm weather permitting


Food Review By Helen Schwab from The Charlotte Observer

27 July 2012

When the Olympics open tonight, we'll get a refresher course on the spirit of the Games: the purity of athletic struggle, the beauty of teamwork, the rewards of patriotism. Show-offs need not apply.

Which brings us - stay with me here - to the subject of hot dogs.

As we prepare to glorify selfless endeavor, let's take a moment to appreciate a food that's become synonymous with show-offs, yet remains as simple and pure as the Games themselves. The hot dog: as all-American and Olympian - actually more so - than, say, Charles Barkley.

And where better to honor the dog than at Green's Lunch, where they've been in rather Olympian supply for a mind-boggling 70 years?

In all those years, the place has changed nearly as little as the Games themselves. Dates vary a bit depending on the source, but here's a general recounting: The chili sauce reportedly was added in the late '60s (wasn't that the year synchronized swimming got in?), the slaw in the mid-'70s (the debut of, was it beach volleyball?) and that whole rebuilding thing (tripling the seating) happened in 1982.

Robert Green opened the place with just over a dozen stools in 1926. Dogs were a nickel (they're $1.15 now.) His son's wife, Mary, took over in 1945, came up with the chili and ran Green's with her son Jimmy until the mid-'70s, when she sold to Philip Katopodis. (He's the guy who expanded.) Now his daughter, Joanna Sikiotis, operates it. (There is another Green's - Green's Lunch East, on Trade Street - that's owned by Katopodis, plus a mobile cart.)

At Green's, you got your burgers, your grilled cheese, your livermush, but what you got mostly is your dogs: four vats full - seven at lunch - all the time. ``One all the way,' orders a man at the counter. ``Two all the way?'' says the woman. ``No, I had two already. Just one now,'' he says.

``All the way'' is a judicious amount of ketchup and mustard on the soft bun, with less judicious amounts of fine-chopped sweet slaw, onions and the orange-staining sort of fine-textured chili - still true to Mary Green's recipe - ladled on top. Good luck keeping it neat, unless you're one of the longtime (and awe-inspiring) white-dress-shirt patrons.

Sit at the counter facing the window and you'll see where some of them come from: The federal courthouse is just down the way. Counters run around three walls; the view at the other two is of old newspaper clippings praising Green's, and best hot dog award certificates.

A few tables down the middle offer slightly more comfort, but you don't find spinning olive green stools every day, so opt for one. There's enough room at the counter between these to take the food off your tray and spread out a bag of chips. (Add-ons like these are all over the place: a chip rack by where you order, gum balls and M&Ms by the door, a crackers/cookies/buns display by one wall - including two wan Snackwell cereal bars when I went. Fitness food is not the order of the day.)

I'd stick with dogs here. ``We're not allowed to tell you where they're from,'' demurs a server, ``but they're 85 percent beef and the rest - pork, I guess, or whatever.''

Burgers are the thin patty kind; grilled cheese is orange cheese on white bread with lots of yellow griddle grease. Crinkle--cut fries are very blond. Iced tea is sweetened with a restrained hand and served, as are the sodas, with crushed ice. You can get Pepsi or Coke (and that doesn't happen every day, another example of that pure competitive fire thing).

There are BLTs and grilled chicken sandwiches, too (the last an innovation by Sikiotis, and a tasty one at that; skip the mayo and you have the closest thing to healthy in the place, beside the Snackwells). Breakfast is served until about 10:30 a.m. and includes egg sandwiches with optional adds of sausage, livermush, bacon - even bagel and cream cheese for $1.

Diamonds of baklava are displayed with candy bars by the PAY HERE/HAVE A NICE DAY sign, but look up and you'll notice ``we sell the world's Thickest ice cream sandwich.'' I don't claim to be able to verify or debunk that fact, but they're from Spoon's, they come in vanilla or chocolate chip and they are, in fact, huge.

A suitable finish to a sporting, all-American meal.


Green's is Ready For Some Football!!

5 Aug 2012

Yes we are ready for some Carolina Panther Football. With that said we are open for all Home Panther Games from 10:30 am to Kickoff. Also, call for tailgating packages that we offer.


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